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Malia and Mom's West Coast RV Adventure down the Oregon / California Coast Begins
Mom arrived in Portland on September 20, 2005 to begin our long-awaited Oregon/California Coast exploration. It had always been a shared dream to hug the huge redwood trees and we were anxious to get started. But first, I had to share the beautiful Columbia River Gorge with her. It had been a favorite of mine when I lived in Portland in 2002 and no way could I be near there and not visit again.
Columbia River Gorge - ous
Sept. 20, 2005

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The historic Columbia River Highway was laid out in 1911-1912 to showcase the largest concentration of waterfalls in the world. First selecting the "beauty spots" along the road, the goal was to service motorists but also preserve the scenic vistas. Its designer, "treated each waterfall as a scenic feature to engage the tourist."
Multnomah Falls is generally considered the crown jewel in the series, falling 620 feet from Larch Mountain. Here's Mom grinning at its glory.
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When I stayed in Portland prepping for my Alaska Adventure in 2003, Multnomah Falls was one of my favorite haunts.
Mom was faced with the same dillema as me when I first drove the gorge. How can you possibly say which waterfall was the best??? She looks pretty happy at Horsetail Falls as well.
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Vista House was dedicated in 1918 View from the inside in 2005
A happy surprise for me was to find out that Vista House was finally open after being closed for renovation in 2001. Every time I drove the historic highway, I wondered what it looked like inside. At last I could see the view through the stained glass windows.
Next stop on the Gorge - Vista House at Crown Point

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