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Views from Vista House at Crown Point

Sept. 20, 2005

West Coast Trip


Columbia River Gorge

Vista House Views

Delightful Dahlias

Roseburg RV Rally

Gold Beach

Jetboat Ride


Coast Drive


Jedediah Smith SP

Fern Canyon

Trees of Mystery

Newton Drury Drive

Lady Bird Grove

Ave. of the Giants



"Vista House is intended to be the finishing achievement for the greatest highway in America, and will grace the highest spot on that wonderway" -- Oregonian, November 14, 1915
View from Vista House facing west
The designer of the Historic Columbia River Highway, Samuel Lancaster, described Crown Point as the ideal site for "an observatory from which the view both up and down the Columbia could be viewed in silent communion with the infinite". And it could "serve as a comfort station for the tourist and the travellers of America's greatest highway." We say "You done good, Sam!"
View from Vista House facing east
"How often is the best scenery cut and gashed most horribly because either those in authority did not know, or else had no sense of appreciation?" -- Oregon Journal, 1915. Thank God this reporter's fears were not realized in this case.
This poster from 1915 was headed "A wide, unfettered road ahead, and the flying motor singing!" Even modern day RVers can relate to that sentiment! This is Mitchell Point Tunnel, which was demolished in 1966 during freeway construction.
The historic highway was designed "so as not to mar what God has put there." Pedestrian arcades and stone benches were constructed where walkers could rest or view nature. There are only remains of this foot bridge near Latourell Falls.
"The state should be plastered with campsites like a Christmas package is plastered with stamps." So said the Oregon Journal on September 26, 1920. Here's a view of one of the first ones in the area.
Mrs. Margaret Henderson, owner of the Crown Point Chalet, circa 1923. How would you like to go camping in these clothes??
Thank goodness we can be a whole lot more comfy today, like me and mom seen here with the Vista House as a dot in the distance on the right hand mountainside.

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