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Rally of Open Roads Singles
(Roseburg, Oregon)
Sept. 23-25, 2005

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My friend, Dick (RVSnowbird) hosted a mini-rally of the Open Roads Singles group while I was passing through town and I was so happy to get to meet some of the members for the first time. Even though we'd been cyber-friends and email buddies, it was great to get those hugs in person at last!

This was a Mexican fiesta meal we had together.

From left going around the table is Donna, Sarah, Dick, Me, Tony, Diana and my mom.

At night we had a giant campfire and weinie roast on the banks of the Umpqua River. Double hugged by Tony and Dick, can you blame a gal for grinning?
The next morning we had biscuits and bacon el fresco. Eating outside always makes anything taste better, dontcha think?
Diana was my next door neighbor and we became fast friends. We enjoyed giggling together through our open windows at night and I really look forward to meeting up with her again in Quartzsite.
Meeting Tony (Firedude) at last was a special treat. Read why below. This weekend he kept us rolling on the floor laughing at his tales of camp hosting since he started fulltiming. He also introduced us to a phrase used by law enforcement and fire fighters that has come in extremely handy. A "5150" is code for a mental case and Lord knows you meet all kinds RVing! Now all of us who were at the rally can laugh and talk about the "5150's" we've met along the way - kinda like a private joke!
Once I responded with admiration to a forum post "Firedude" did about why he started fulltiming entitled "Will you live your Dream looking out the backyard window?" It floored me when he responded that it was reading this site that inspired him to follow his own dream! We laughed and decided not to fight about who inspired who first.
While the gang was here, we took the tour of Wildlife Safari and got to feed the giraffes as well. See my Malia's Miles pages for that great fun day.
Next stop - Gold Beach

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