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Exploring Savannah
Cherokee Rose - Georgia State Flower
Jan. 28 - 30, 2002


Skidaway Island State Park

Exploring Savannah

Bonaventure Cemetery

I completely loved how the historic district in Savannah is laid out - every couple of blocks there are these little picturesque parks and the houses, churches and buildings are built around them in a square. So the houses and porches faced these beautiful little landscaped gems, and not just another house or building. You can tell they were built during a time when people weren't so concerned about just moving quickly through an area, because you have to drive slowly as you traverse these squares. Each also featured some kind of beautiful statuary, usually of a historical figure being honored, so you were encouraged to stop and enjoy these pleasant little respites as you maneuvered around them.
It was especially nice that we also rode our bikes through the area and really got to stop and see it all pretty thoroughly. The architecture of that period and the grace of the buildings are fascinating to me and of course to Don, the architect. He always has some interesting insights into these aspects that I would not have thought of.
Bike ride through Bonaventure Cemetery
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