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Victoria's Jewel:

Butchart Gardens

August 22 , 2002


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Butchart Gardens


The crown jewel of Victoria for me is the Butchart Gardens. My friend Liz wrote and said that place is the closest she's ever been to heaven on earth and I couldn't agree with her more.
The flowers are so brilliantly colored as to seem unreal, the fragrance that fills the air change from the heady aroma of the rich roses to the light sweet blended scents created by the unending variety of blooming flowers and trees.
Everything there is just so fairy book flawless - even the insects must feel the perfection is not to be disturbed by them - you never even see a worm hole on any of the leaves or faded flowers. The guide said the soil and climate in that area is particularly favorable, but I can't imagine the human work that must go into keeping that large an area so meticulously maintained.
The fountains and ponds were among my favorite resting spots.
My 7 months in amazing: Oregon
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