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Yellowstone National Park
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Sept. 6 - 9, 2003

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"Yellowstone: Like No Other Place on Earth"

That's the title of the book I bought today about this national treasure of ours. I just really had no idea it would be this beautiful or interesting a place.

Geologists refer to Yellowstone as a "hotspot," a concentrated region of very hot rock that originates deep within the earth, with spectacular results on the surface. An article in the park newspaper asks the question that I am sure is on everyone's mind as they drive through this vast smoking jungle: "Is Yellowstone Ready to Blow?" The scientists say, "It's a huge breathing caldera capable of doing a lot of things as far as we know."

My favorite spot was a place called Artist's Point at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. This is an area that rivals the one in Arizona for sure with the beauty and layering of the colors of the massive canyon and the distant waterfall still looming so large you think you can feel the spray. When I got to the top of the lookout, there was a young Eastern Indian couple there and he commented to me in the most sincere awe-filled voice: "Oh, this is too big for my eyes!"

One of the first explorers of this area in 1870 wrote: "I do not know of any portion of our country where a national park can be established furnishing to visitors more wonderful attractions than here. These wonders are so different from anything we have ever seen - they are so various, so extensive - that the feeling in my mind from the moment they began to appear until we left them has been one of intense surprise and of incredulity. Every day spent in surveying them has revealed to me some new beauty, and now that I have left them, I begin to feel a skepticism which clothes them in a memory clouded by doubt."

I am not surprised that the first reports of this area were not believed - it was hard to imagine then that a land like this could actually exist - it still is...

All I know is that this is special land - a place where you can hear the voice of the earth and see its breath, sometimes soft and gentle, sometimes hissing violently. And it's a place with magic pools and fairy waterfalls that completely enchanted me and made me vow to return someday.
Our third day in: Yellowstone 

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