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Catching up with Grandma Malia
June, 2006
It might seem like I've lost my inspiration to work on Inspiration's Journey since I haven't posted any updates here in so long. It's mainly just that Malia's Miles has received much more of my attention over the past year. Maybe it's because it's easier to just write campground and activity reviews and post pictures of where I've been as opposed to delving deeper and writing personal journal entries.

It was a lot easier to write that way when I first got started - I wanted to remember every single moment so when I was a little ole lady sitting in my rocking chair I could savor these times again. So after six years of fulltiming, did I start taking my lifestyle for granted? Did the places I've been all start to run together and I ran out of ways to say how neat they really are and how much fun I'm having? Nah -- I'm still having fun and there's really no other way I'd like to live my life, so I'll just catch up with myself a bit now.



The link above will lead you to my Journey Journal entries since the start of my fulltiming adventure in 2001.

Some of these entries have pictures, but mostly it's me rambling about what's going on in my mind at the moment and relate to the main picture pages.





Certainly the biggest news of 2006 for me was the birth of my second granddaughter, Annabella, born on June 13.
The hardest thing is not being there for the milestones, like her first Halloween. Thank God her mom catches me up with pictures and movies - Is this not the cutest little Tigger you've ever seen???
Here with her mom (my baby Keala) on her first Christmas - my baby has a baby!
Can't you just hear the little squeals of delight under her first Christmas tree??
Growing Up Pics...
Mom couldn't quite believe she was a great, great grandma again, so we had to settle the news with a bit of wine. My cousin, Melinda, handles the marketing for Duckhorn Vineyards in beautiful Napa Valley. She arranged this very special tasty day for us where we were treated like royalty. It was a blast acting like we were wine connoisseurs and that we knew what we were talking about. "Yummy, yeah, this is great - those oak barrels really make the difference!"
We also checked out San Francisco - this was mom's first trip across the Golden Gate Bridge and down the crookedest street. It's always fun to watch my 80 year old mom act like a little kid at new experiences!
Catching up to 2007 - getting to: Columbia, SC
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