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Great Grandma Malia!!
Jan. 8, 2008
What a way to start the New Year! One of the reasons I came back to Austin for so long after the Blue Ridge tour was to welcome our family's first twins into the world. Although we had so many fears and reservations about them being born by my 16 year old granddaughter, there was such a sense of joy and relief when they came out OK. Mom did a fantastic job, especially since she's been virtually bed-bound for the last two weeks due to complications. By strictly following doctor's orders, she was able to keep them in the womb long enough for them to have a real fighting chance even when born early, as many twins are. They weren't due until March 8 (a week after their mom's birthday), but decided to join the world on January 8. I think it's because they didn't want to compete with mom for birthday gifts!





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When Caitlin saw me starting to take pictures, she asked for makeup and said she wanted pretty birth pictures. This was right after the epidural took affect. She was dilated to about 4 centimeters at that point and had been having some pretty painful contractions. When she asked me how far along I was before I asked for the epidural when I had her mom, I told her that word didn't even exist in 1969, much less anything that would really block the pain of childbirth back then. She looked at me horrified and I felt so ancient at that moment, I was finally worthy of the title of great grandma!
The parents-to-be: I know, I know, they still look too young to be parents, don't they? And of course they have their own fears, but it's time to give them the benefit of the doubt and let them reap what they have sown with as much help as we can give while still allowing them to be primarily responsible for their babies. What a balancing act! At 16 & 17, they certainly have a lot to learn about life and parenthood, but didn't we all??
Cadence Alexa
Meet the firstborn - Ms. Cadence Alexa. She was born at 6:15 pm, was 16.5" long and weighed in at a whopping 3 lb. 6 oz. Look at how big a normal size pacifier looks next to her!
Cailie Elizabeth
Cailie Elizabeth poked along and had to be prodded out with forceps 17 minutes later. Even though she was bigger at 3 lb. 9 oz. and 17" long, she had problems breathing on her own and so they placed her on a ventilator to help her along for the first few days. I'm happy to report she was removed from it on Friday, Jan. 11 and both girls are doing great!
The doc says all appears to be well with them both, but they probably won't come home from the hospital until their original due date. Caitlin is doing great and will be released from the hospital on Thursday. For a while, she'll be staying at The Seton League House, a facility the hospital makes available to family members of patients in intensive care. She'll be right next door and be able to breastfeed as she always wanted. What a great deal!
I was also so proud of my daughter, Angelique. It's not been easy for her in a lot of ways for her baby to have babies, but she came through like a trooper. We've all had our share of doubts and fears, but when I couldn't sleep last night, it came to me that now is the time to concentrate on Joy & Gratitude instead of focusing on all the negatives and worry. Sure, there will be financial burdens and things unforeseen, but those things have a way of working out no matter what we think at the time or how scared we are that they will not. Of course it won’t be easy, but if one or both of those babies had not made it or had irreversible problems, Caitlin would never have gotten over it. So there is joy to be found in this circumstance and we should be grateful for the good results so far and the joys to come. The difficulties will be handled by all of us as a family. Even though we would not have chosen this early growing up spurt for Caitlin, as her dad said, let's give her the chance to be a good mom.

Angelique and I recently saw an inspiring woman on a TV show. She had overcome some incredible odds and her even being alive was a miracle. Yet her personality was bubbly and her outlook was extremely positive. She said she could choose to be bitter and negative, but it always came to down a matter of choice…and at this point why would we choose to harbor ill will or negative energy???

Angelique also said she had decided she didn't want to be a "regular ole' grandma." So in honor of our cajun heritage, she wants to be called "Ya-Ya." I love it, sha! Laissez les bons temps roule!

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