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Me and Inspiration on the Oregon Coast in the summer of 2005.
You're a fulltime whaaat???

A question I am asked when I tell people that I am a fulltime RVer is what gave me the idea to do something so “crazy.” Many say that travel is a secret desire, but they'd never have the guts to actually do it. I can always relate to that. For years I told myself I didn't have enough of some things and too much of others. I didn't have enough money, courage or time to pursue my dreams - and I had too many responsibilities and too much fear.

The short answer to what finally pushed me out the door is that I once read of a study done with people near the end of their lives. They said that in review, their regrets were for what they hadn’t done, not for what they did. The response I most often get then is how inspiring that is. So, I figure if I can do what I want to do and at the same time if I can inspire one person to follow their own dreams, the trade of security for freedom was well spent. (Want to hear more? Here's the "long answer".)

Note: I am no longer updating this site since it was started so long ago (2001) and since then I started a new site and blog, although I'm actually in the process of updating those, also. Please see MaliasMiles website and Blog for lots more adventure, helpful info for RVers with details on campgrounds and beautiful places I've seen.

And thanks for inspiring me all these years! Sometimes I can't believe how blessed I've been for so long to keep this dream of mine alive!

I left Austin on June 13, 2001 singing my theme song “With Arms Wide Open.” When I heard Creed’s hope for his newborn son, it spoke to me deeply.

a 2000
36' Itasca Sunflyer

When I accepted my heart’s invitation to live my life as my soul desired rather than as my fear dictated, that was what I knew I needed to do in order to travel the road I chose - keep my heart and my arms open to the experiences and opportunities we are given for exploration and discovery every day of our lives.

“If I had just one wish, only one command
I hope he’s not like me, I hope he understands
That he can take this life and hold it by the hand
and he can greet the world - with arms wide open
with arms wide open....”

"The Journey IS the Reward"

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