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Athabasca Falls
(Icefields Parkway - P
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August 27-28, 2003


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My Article About
This Alaska Trip

Our first stop was at Athabasca Falls. I've added this one to my growing list of favorite waterfalls ever.

The falls themselves are massive enough to be impressive, but the park has done a great job of showcasing them with beautiful trails where you can walk alongside the river, watching it flow from a gentle stream to a furious torrent as it crashes over the boulder filled walls.
There's even a narrow gorge that used to be one of those raging shoots until the water redirected itself. Now you can walk down through it touching the rocks on either side where the water raged through and be treated by an amazing view of canyons and the river after the falls.
The walls are rich with quartz-filled rock, the most interesting kind to talk to, in my opinion.
The sights combined with the churning soundsd of the water were so powerful!
Moving on to: Athabasca Glacier
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