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My Article About
This Alaska Trip

I visited Eklutna Lake as a side trip when I was staying in Anchorage.

As I drove down a little dusty side to get there, I saw a couple pushing a double baby carriage. It was pretty deserted out there, so I stopped to make sure they didn't need any kind of help. They lived nearby and were just out for a stroll, so we chatted a bit. They were a great couple with 2 sons. She laughed as she introduced herself as Dawn Rising. She assured me that was indeed her real name after she married her husband, Andy. She laughed again as she said "So we are the House of the Rising Sons." Just another example of the great people I've met along the way!

I continued driving listening to a very appropriate tape - "On the Threshold of a Dream" by the Moody Blues. It was a perfect accompaniment because I really did feel like I was living a dream this day. It was like I was having a mutual love affair with nature and every animal or creature I saw was prettier than usual - the dragonfly's wings more translucent and colorful and I felt more in tune with the transformation they symbolize than ever before. The squirrels sounded happier and the birds sang louder and it seemed like it was just for me.

Once again I gave thanks for something I had griped about before - the extended daylight makes days like this possible as I didn't get home until after 11:00.

Speaking of being glad for the long daylight, this was our 10 p.m. campfire while at Russian River with our camp host friends, Ron & Carol. I loved Russian River and this couple so much, I went back twice.
After mom's arrival, our first little road trip in the car was driving up to Hatcher's Pass. We found a beautiful stream that was the perfect setting for our picnic lunch, then continued on to Independence Mine, the remnants of a once thriving gold mine operation. After that, we took a side road that got pretty rough, but we continued on with the promise of Summit Lake as the prize at the end. The lake was small but quite beautiful with little fields of snow still lying near its banks.
The really neat thing, though, was watching the hang gliders take off from the edge of the huge bluff and soar back and forth with the wind. My heart was in my throat just watching them stand at the edge of a massive drop with the wind whipping at the sail above them, their arms and legs straining with the pressure of holding on until taking that huge step into thin air. Then once they're airborne, it looks like they have no control and will just crash into the mountainside, but that disaster averted, they soar back and forth on the air currents until safely on land again. A perfect analogy for life sometimes, and a fun process to watch.
This was taken during an overnight stop in McBride, BC. We dry camped that night in a parking lot, unhooked and drove around to see the sunset. We loved this little farmhouse with the big mountains in the background.
Roadside Delight: Fireweed
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