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July 24 & 31, 2003


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My Article About
This Alaska Trip

After my mom arrived in Anchorage on July 19 to accompany me back to Austin, our first destination was Seward. It was so cloudy by the time we got close, though, that we decided to camp at the side of the road to see if the clouds would lift so we could see more of the glorious mountains I knew we were missing.

Here is a view of where we spent the night. Now THIS is what I call a great boon-docking place! The next day we went on into Seward and waited three days, but it rained or was cloudy the entire time.

Look at the beautiful pink fireweed. They were in their glory during this time and they adorned the highways magnificently.

Our last night in Seward was the nicest. We moved from the city campground to a scenic pulloff at the side of a stream on the road to Exit Glacier. Even though it was still mostly cloudy, there was enough of a view visible of the surrounding mountains to marvel at, and the sound of the rushing glacial stream was soothing and nice to sleep to. Here's the view of our 2nd boondocking experience.

The next morning we visited the glacier and took lots of pictures, none of which managed to capture the very specific and special blue of the age-old ice as it tumbles down the mountain, splitting into jagged crevices and interesting towering shapes.

Also, look at the massive waterfalls streaming down the massive mountainsides!

There are several places marked along the trail that shows where the glacier was at certain timeframes and clearly shows how much it has receded, especially in modern times. It was a glorious thing to see and we really enjoyed it.
We then took off for Homer. Even though I had been there before mom arrived, it had been one of my favorite spots and I wanted her to see it. On our way back, at the junction where we had to decide to go on or go back to Seward, the weather was so clear, we just had to give Seward another chance.

This time the entire route was filled with breathtaking mountains as we passed lakes and streams glistening in the sun. We went back to our waterfront camp spot at the city campground and marveled at how different it looked now. The same eagle we had watched sitting on one of the piers right outside our door returned and he seemed happier in the sunshine, also.

Mom is still in the "I can't believe I'm really in Alaska" stage and it's fun to see her pinch herself to make sure she's not dreaming anymore. She says of all the places she's ever seen in her life, this is certainly the most beautiful. Her favorite, like mine, is the larger-than-life mountains - just the sheer size and scope of such beauty can be overwhelming and incredibly powerful. All this, being framed by the most vividly colored flowers imaginable growing in profusion at the side of the road, makes your neck ache from looking back and forth trying not to miss anything.

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