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August 22, 2003


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Our last day in Stewart/Hyder was the nicest we had weather-wise. We drove back down the spur road in and out of those two towns. When we first arrived, we could only see partially how beautiful it was due to the cloud cover that day. Yesterday afternoon there was just enough fluffy white clouds to crown the mountains beautifully, but not cover their peaks.

Just one rainbow would have been blessing enough, but even though it's hard to see in this picture, this is a double one!
This, I do believe, is the prettiest drive I've been on, possibly ever. From the point that the spur takes off from the Cassiar, it is about 37 miles of pure bliss. The mountains rise dramatically, in places not sloping at all, but just straight up to heaven, covered with lush green trees that made me wonder how in the world they grow when it looks like they're growing from straight walls with no ground to hold them. The road is well paved but narrow, curvy and hugged very closely by the surrounding mountains.
I don't know if they're always like this, or just after a couple of days of pretty constant rain, but I have never seen so many waterfalls - dotting the mountainsides so profusely that you couldn't possibly count then all - all different sizes, heights and breadths. Some originated from the distant heights of the glaciers at mountaintop, spilling over in straight lines, then making terraces and going through gorges as they carve and illuminate the landscape with their lightening-like slashes.
There was a spot that was so massively beautiful - a huge panoramic mountain so filled with waterfalls spilling over from impossibly high glaciers above, then onto jagged multi-colored granite boulders on one level, then prancing through lush green valleys on their way down to join and merge with others equally beautiful originating from other, differently beautiful sources, then into the rushing water churning alongside the road accompanying you as you drive along.
I was completely overwhelmed and if I could ever choose a view on which to build my house, this would be it. It would be an ever-changing galaxy of waterfall stars, wispy clouds moving and making patterns and shadows on the master of ceremony mountains - it never looked the same way twice each time I looked upon that scene and I know I would never get tired of watching it.

Then you come upon Bear Glacier - spilling right into the iceberg-filled water where you can watch it from the roadside stop so close the air is permanently chilled.

Although glaciers seem timeless, this one must change constantly because yesterday we marveled at a snow cave right in the middle of the edge of the glacier, and today part of the ceiling had caved in to make a skylight where the light shone through to the water below.

Entering Canada and: Jasper National Park 
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