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Tok to Valdez
May 16 , 2003


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My Article About
This Alaska Trip

I enjoyed a peaceful night at Tundra RV Park in Tok and it's a good thing I hit the road early the next morning because it took me all day long to make the 245 miles to Valdez.

It was a beautiful drive, but I ran into bad weather and worse roads in places and it was very slow going. But just take a look at that mountain - can you really complain about driving slowly toward him?
Inbetween construction zones and threatening weather, the drive was incredibly beautiful.
A gorgeous winding road toward the gods of the mountains - wow!
With every curve made, the scenery just got more incredible.
I don't know the names of each of these ranges that I passed through or by, but each was equally beautiful in my opinion.
Whether their tops were soft and flowing or craggy and sharp, no way could you say which was prettier.
Isn't this big boy beautiful? This is Mt. Billy Mitchell. Don't tell the others, but he was one of my very favorites.
And no gorgeous drive is complete without a waterfall or two, right? There are several beautiful waterfalls in Keystone Canyon. Like ones we saw in Oregon and BC, this one is also named Bridal Veil.

It was a bit hairy going through Thompson's Pass - high on a mountain with a touch of snow falling, but snow everywhere to the extent that I felt a bit of what snow blindness must look like. When everything from the ground to as high as you can see in the sky is white, it's easy to lose perspective and I certainly wouldn't want to be there when the high markers on the side of the road are covered with snow. It was a pretty steep descent getting to sea level in Valdez and I couldn't help but look back up and dread the trip back up there when I leave here.

I loved how when the descent from the mountain started, the sun breaking through cast its light on the mountains giving a little blue break from the sameness of all the white. Can you believe the snow on the road gets as high as the tops of those poles and that's all the guidance you get? Those are steep dropoffs there, folks!
This was when I was parked at Worthington Glacier. Doesn't this poor Texas RV look a little lost and out of place in all this snow???
Arrival in breathtaking Valdez
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