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Algonquin, IL
July 1, 2001

My purpose in visiting Algonquin was to catch up with my friend Judith, who I met when I was in Sedona last February.  That, of course, was a very special time for me as that was where I was inspired to fulfill my dream of travel via fulltime RVing. Algonquin is really a charming town, about an hour from Chicago, with massive trees and beautiful greenery everywhere. Another thing I’ve noticed about towns that have long cold winters - they really celebrate the summers with annual flowers abounding in all the private yards and public places. Judith lives right on a lake and has a heated pool, so we had lots of time to swim and catch up with each other’s lives.

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I really did enjoy the Renaissance Fair - we attended as Lady Judith's guests and I just loved all the elegantly costumed ladies and dashing men speaking in the language of the period - it was really great fun. Don was a great sport taking pics of me with the handsome Sir John and the dashing buccaneer.

We parked the RVs at Buffalo Park, a forest preserve that was especially nice - right on a river with a big fat friendly duck that visited regularly, but the nicest part was the magical fireflies that put on a fantasy show every night. The woods nearby were just full of them - I’ve never seen anything like it before. Now I understand the other name given them - lightening bugs - the flashes emitted from such a large number really did seem like flashes of lightening - either that or fairies dusting the night sky, I couldn’t decide.
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