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Malia's Journey Journal Updates

From first day of fulltiming


I have kept a pretty comprehensive journal since I took off because I have such a horrible memory and when my journey is over, I want to be able to revisit the places I've been by re-reading my journal. The other purpose it served was to keep my family and friends updated on where I am and to share pictures of what I've seen. Once I learned how to put together this web page, I included these updates because as I meet people and they ask to be included in my update list, they also have asked about past ones. I had been traveling almost 2 years when I went through it to include it here and it was fun to relive the great times I've been blessed with since starting this amazing journey.

And I was right - there was a lot I had forgotten. Like the sign Don bought for me which says: "Been There, Done That - Can't Remember."

Below are links to journal updates that are not included in the picture pages in Inspiration's Journey.
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