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Eugene Weekend  
Nov. 23, 2002

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Last weekend with my niece, Heather, in Eugene was fun - I really loved getting to play with her and her two cats. I've really missed feline company since I left Austin. (Oh, yeah, and you, too, Heather... :-) It just brought back how hard it was giving up my Sunshine when I first took off and then once I was back in Austin, I was just started getting to know Keala's two kittens when I left again. So hearing kitty claws tear across the floor in the middle of the night was a welcome sound.
Me & Heather at
The University of Oregon at Eugene
Saturday was the last day of the market they hold each weekend in Eugene so we braved the rain and ate Thai food under the tent while listening to bluegrass music - talk about an eclectic town! On Sunday Heather gave me a tour of the university campus and showed me one of her favorite retreats by the river when she attended classes there. She was disappointed that they had turned her old haunt into a boat ramp and it was funny to listen to someone so young gripe about changes that have already taken place in her life in the name of "progress."
Heather on campus
The leaves have all pretty much abandoned the trees to swirl around in the streets and although the bright yellows are tinged with brown, it is still a treat for me who grew up in the south where such sights are unknown. Sunday we went to the rock and mineral show and like always when I attend one, I spent too much money. But it was a great weekend and it was nice to get introduced to such a cute little town by my cute little niece.
White Christmas at Mt. Hood
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