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Mt. Hood Railroad
Leaf Peeping
Oct. 20, 2002

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Today we let the Mt. Hood railroad take us through the gorge to see the ever changing leaf show. It was a great display - the evergreens seemed more lush than ever serving as the backdrop for the gold, red and orange show-off trees.
The train chugged through the largest pear orchards in Oregon and the leaves were all in varying stages of changing colors, so that combined with the fruit heavy on the limbs was especially beautiful.
4 colors of the season in one spot!
Parkdale's view of Mt. Hood
When we reached the end of the line in Parkdale, that little town was holding its harvest festival, so we enjoyed strolling through the booths eating kettle corn and sampling the farmers' fresh picked apples and pears. There's something so much more satisfying and delicious about getting your fruit and veggies that way rather than from a store.
Old Timey Mosier Tunnels
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