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Silver Falls State Park
March 28 - 30, 2003

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It was an amazingly clear and relatively warm weekend - a sunny break in the dreariness of Portland's winter weather, so we took advantage of having a rolling home and took off to Silver Falls State Park, about 90 miles south of here. They have a very nice campground and the park is comprised of over 8,100 acres of piney forests sitting on cliffs dotted with waterfalls.
Path leading to and around South Falls
That dot on the path going behind the Falls is me!
There are extensive trails and we were able to walk around in back of South Falls and get wet with the mist and then walk across little wooden bridges spanning the creeks. The next day we rode our bikes up and down the paths and stopped and had brown velvet espressos at the old historic stone lodge where the huge fireplace was burning.
We also took a day trip to Sisters, Oregon and got glimpses of beautiful Mount Jefferson, Mount Washington...
..and the 3 Sisters white capped wonders.
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