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Feb. 2002

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We decided to take a day trip to check out more of the Oregon coastline. We had heard about Sunset Beach and thought we'd have plenty of time to make it out there for the event. At the first beach we stopped at, though, we saw lots of other cars driving right on the beach, so Don thought he'd join them. Note for future reference: NOT A GOOD IDEA!
Mistake #1 - Driving a big pickup truck without 4 wheel drive on the beach.
Lesson #1 - The old "pizza box as traction" trick doesn't work.
Joke # 1 - Some very nice young guys stopped to help, but couldn't conceal their amusement. And their efforts and Jeep could do nothing for our truck.
Blessing #1 - Luckily, a monster truck showed up with enough power to pull us out of our mess.
Benefit #1 - While they worked on getting the truck unstuck, I got my picture taken with the cute guys!
Miracle #1 - we still made it to Sunset Beach for a pretty sunset shot!
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