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Troutdale Times Sept. 13, 2002 - April 21, 2003

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Malia's Miles

When we first arrived in Portland on September 9, we spent a full day checking out every campground between Wilsonville and Fairview. We weren't too excited about any of them so we decided to take a break and drive through the Gorge.

On the return trip, we took an exit through the cute little town of Troutdale that was supposed to lead us to a visitors center. We never saw the center, and as we were returning to the highway, Don pointed out an RV park (now called Sandy River RV Park) without even a sign out front that was not listed in our campground guides.

It was by far the nicest park we'd seen, with the Sandy River on one side and Beaver Creek on the other. The gorge walls, alive with evergreen trees, frame the setting perfectly.
Despite the sign on the office window proclaiming no vacancies, we went in and spoke to the manager and considered it miraculous that they had two vacancies coming up on Friday. Besides that, their monthly rates are less than any of the other ones we had been considering, and they include phone connections as well. They do no advertising and have no problem filling the park year round just by word of mouth. What a fortuitous day all the way around!
The bridge across the Sandy River
Feeding the ducks on the Sandy River
Our homes are settled in their new yards now and we have already met some really great neighbors with helpful tips about the area.

This is our back yard lined with blue spruce trees along Beaver Creek. We set out bird feeders all around and the number who visit are incredible! From finches to woodpeckers, we love having them as our neighbors.

I had such fond memories from my time here, I was happy to return again in 2015. Malia's Miles page on Sandy Riverfront RV Resort.

The tiny town of Troutdale is the eastern gateway into the gorge and it is so picturesque with its little shops built to look old-timey, but most are nearly new.

We ate lunch in an old fashioned style general store with a soda fountain area and gazed out across the street at the antique store with its upstairs windows painted to look like Victorian ladies in their homes gazing back at you. A few days after we arrived, while talking to our neighbors, we looked up and saw black smoke billowing across the sky. We walked the short distance to downtown and saw that store in flames with the firefighters trying in vain to extinguish them. Because the antique store and those on that side of the street really are old construction, there were layers of sheetrock ceiling over thick wood that begun a series of roofing that formed voids for the fire to spread unchecked. The fireman said there were no firewalls between four of the adjoining businesses and they would all be wasted before it was all over. It was incredibly sad to watch and we could smell the smoke all night long.

On the first Friday of the month, our little hometown holds an "art walk" and the art and antique stores are open late and serve you wine and snacks as you walk into the shops. This just adds to the charm and my enjoyment of this area we're in and am grateful for the lucky "accident" that led us here.
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