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White Christmas
Dec. 25, 2002

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What a great Christmas we had! We drove up to Mt. Hood to have lunch at Timberline Lodge where the rain we've had in Portland translated to lots of snow there. It was an exquisite day - unusually clear and we survived having to put chains on the truck to drive up the mountain. I took lots of pictures of Don looking befuddled by the process -but road signs advised us to have them on and that was one piece of advice I didn't want to rebel against.
Although we later noticed we were the only ones who had them on - the locals were flying up and down the mountain and didn't seem to be too concerned about the sliding that sometimes happened on curves. Of course, though, we did see a cute little yellow car being towed out of a large snow bank who apparently didn't remember about steering where you don't want to go, or whatever it is they tell you to do at times you're way too panicked to remember which is what anyway. We did see one other couple with chains on, and where were they from? Austin! (actually Bastrop), but they had just moved here, and I thought it was hilarious to run into them and laugh at each other's reactions to the snow.

It was very cold, but it was fun watching the skiers and snow-boarders, beginners and pros alike. Mt. Hood and the surrounding peaks really are more impressive somehow when covered in snow.

I loved it when perfect timing allowed me to witness the mini-avalanches when big globs of snow fall off the branches and cascade down in flurries. The tracks of the ravens as they haunt the parking lot looking for handouts look too huge to be from birds, and I loved watching their blackness cut through the surrounding whiteness.

Covered Bridges of Linn County
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