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Hoh Rain Forest
Olympic National Park
August 24, 2002


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Today we returned to the incredible Olympic National Park and hiked into the Hoh rain forest. During some of the drive, we were alongside beautiful streams of glacier water - the strange, almost iridescent blue/green of that icy water is worthy of the drive in and of itself.

But then you get to walk through a still forest of massive trees adorned in a tapestry of moss...

...some dripping green like emeralds, other varieties hugging close to the tree having a more yellow tint. They all come together to create a masterpiece of nature and bestow such a peaceful feeling as you mosey through the mosses.

The delicate beauty of something so plain and simple reminds me that grace is sometimes like that - not always showy and colorful, but sometimes subtle and unappreciated until you really take time to perceive its valuable gifts.
The trunks of long dead trees are like cathedrals you can stand and wonder in.
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