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Paradise Trail
Mt. Rainier
August 10, 2002


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We were raring to take another shot at the mountain especially since the skies were completely clear and Rainier was hiding nothing.

We started our second major hike from the Paradise trailhead and climbed about 1,000 feet to see Glacier Vista along the Skyline Trail, a four mile round trip. Besides the constant clarity of the big kahuna mountain always looming, the distant Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helens were clearly visible and the wildflowers were celebrating the sun in full force.

I was taking a zillion pictures of each mountain and the different varieties of wildflowers. We also saw a pheasant and a marmot that day.
Here you can see the rock-lined trail to the right that ends in a snow bank to get over for the best view of the glacier.
I kept in mind what my Russian angel taught me and was able to cross to the other side and back down without embarassing myself too much.
In Olympic National Park: Hoh Rain Forest
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