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August 12 - Sept. 9, 2002


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During this period we stayed at the Escapee Evergreen Coho park in Chimacum and ventured into nearby Port Townsend frequently. She is truly an enchanting seaside town full of Victorian architecture, my favorite kind.
The history of the port is pretty interesting and we really enjoyed getting to know her a bit. Originally a small settlement in the 1800's, she evolved into a thriving but notorious international seaport, mostly known for gambling and shanghaiing and the number of saloons on Water Street. The Palace Hotel was a well known brothel at that time and the names of the present suites reflect the names of some of the "Miss Kitties" who worked there then.
The town boomed with the promise of the railroad coming, but a downturn in the economy in the 1890's and the failure of the railroad to show up left most of the majestic Victorian buildings abandoned and neglected. Now designated as a National Historic Landmark, the town is regarded as one of the best preserved Victorian seaports in the United States. It really is one of the prettiest little waterfront towns I've seen and it's been a perfect homebase for our exploration of the Olympic Peninsula.
Like so many other Washington towns, I appreciate their celebration of summer with the abundant hanging baskets on every lamp post.
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