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July 28 - Sept. 9, 2002


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I admit to an extra feeling of pride and accomplishment just in being here in Washington. It was to this area that I first dreamed of coming when I got the RV bug. I remember my first thought when I saw the big windows in this motor home was "Wow - I'll be able to see ALL of Mt. Rainier through these!" With one seeming setback or delay after another, sometimes it seemed like I'd never get here, but here I am and boy does it feel great! Sometimes even I have to admit that some things are worth the wait. I know I should be able to find peace and happiness wherever I am and whatever I do, but I haven't evolved to that place yet - that's gonna have to be a long term goal for me, the original Miss Impatient! As those who know me well know, my motto is "Instant gratification takes too long!"

We were driving the scenic route toward Seattle when we first caught sight of Mt. Rainier. It's a dangerous thing to see from the road because it's so hard to take your eyes from the mountain and on the road where they belong. So we stopped at several points just so I could take a jillion pictures and exclaim repeatedly "just look at that mountain - just look at it!" "It doesn't look real, does it - there's nothing that perfect possible in this world, is it??" "Look how it looks like it's just floating there on the horizon - it doesn't even look like it has a base - it's not really of this earth, is it??"
I couldn't contain nor help myself, so even though we had only driven 87 miles that day, we just had to stop at a nearby campground so we could go pay our respects to the most magic mountain. I told Don it's only polite to greet the host upon entering a home. And Mt. Rainier is the undisputed star, as well as the perfect host to this area. But the old guy must have been in a playful mood because by the time we got to the top, he was playing hide and seek behind the clouds and was concealed from our view.
The only positive thing about that was that the surrounding mountains with such descriptive names as Mule's Ears stood out in a way that they cannot when the big guy is out. And they were so beautiful with their snow capped tips and glacier sideburns that we thoroughly enjoyed the little hike we took where we saw waterfalls and grazing deer eating the wildflowers that are just now really coming into their own. It's an absolutely perfect time to be in this glorious area of the country!
That ethereal being rising from the middle of the clouds is the tip of the great snow capped mountain, not part of the clouds. Surely that mountain is simply an angel captured in rock!
Magical Mount Rainer Hike: Sunrise Rim Trail
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