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2007 Update

This update follows me from Sacramento, CA in July, 2006 to Columbia, SC through March, 2007. I'll give links to the pages in Malia's Miles that have pictures of what I'm describing here so you can see what I'm talking about and where I've been.

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After leaving Sacramento, I caught up with Tony (Firedude) and Doyle again in Morro Bay. While there was certainly attraction and great affection between Doyle and I and we talked about traveling together, I learned that I'm just not ready to throw myself into another relationship - I really doubt that I ever will be. It may seem strange to most other people, but I've learned that I really prefer to travel alone. It may be that I haven't learned how to be in love and please my loved one without feeling like I have to give up too much of what is inherently me in the process. Maybe I'm just too danged selfish and set in my ways. I get up when I want to, eat when and what I want to, leave when I want to, come home when I want to, listen to just the music I like, watch all the TV shows and "chick flicks" I want to. I can sing off key at the top of my lungs with the radio and not feel self conscious. By myself, I get to go exactly where I want without worrying if he's gonna get bored and start flashing those "get me outta here" looks. If I want to browse around the little shops in town, I can go in and out to my heart's content and not get the impatient sighs I sometimes hear from hubbies waiting for their wives tapping their feet at the door. When I feel like it, I can stay at home all day in my jammies, puttering around, playing on the computer and never get bored.

I'm always asked about getting lonely, but that just doesn't happen very often to me. If I feel the need for company, there are always people to talk to at the campground. If I meet someone with similar interests and we want to spend the day together sharing them, that's great. Then I can come home, have my alone time and go through the pictures of a great day - the best of both worlds.

After leaving Morro Bay, I decided to head to see my brother's new place on Lake Murray in South Carolina. They had recently moved there and I wanted to see what took them away from that six mountain range view they had in Albuquerque. I took my time, going through Oklahoma where I fell in love with the people and the state parks there. I went horseback riding through shady groves and sunny fields. I toured civil war sites and saw how the Cherokee lived happily long before being "civilized." I held, fed and touched animals I've long loved from afar at Little River Zoo and Lake Tenkiller. Most exciting was getting to feed two little fawns at Greenleaf State Park.

My journey took me back through Arkansas, and here I remembered what I fell in love with about RVing as it was the first state I went through when I first took off in 2001. I returned to Lake Catherine State Park, met my first water moccasin (almost too close for comfort), discovered other Arkansas treasures via sunset cruise, mining for sparkling quartz, and walked along the Trail of Tears with tears in my eyes thinking of the Cherokee walking this very path with years of broken promises ringing in their ears.

I lucked out in Hot Springs, getting a make-over and getting to hitch a ride in the open bike rally parade, and catching a glimpse of the neatest bikes on the Street Show and Competition.
I then made it back to South Carolina, remembering well its charms from my first stay there in 2002. I had lost just about all the pics from my first stay in Charleston, so it was nice to relive the months I spent there. While visiting my brother & sister-in-heart, I stayed at Dreher Island State Park, near their new home in Chapin. He had ordered a boat even before they moved, so the first thing we did was go out on it for a glorious sunset cruise.
Here's the view of the alcove their house faces on Lake Murray. They're renting this house for now to determine if this is the area they really want to settle in. If so, they'll start looking for lots to build on.
Our "kids" got to know each other again and got along a lot better this time, even though Cheyenne seems to be sticking her tongue out at Gypsy here.
Gypsy continued to hold her own, not letting them harass her too much before letting out one of her vicious hisses that would send these two big doggies running for cover. We really got a kick out of watching them together.
She actually started getting really comfy with Jake - she would roll over on her back and "invite" him over for a whiff. I took to calling her my little kitty slut.
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