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Edmonds, Washington
Journal Update
August 20, 2005

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I arrived in Edmonds on August 3 to begin exploring opportunities to work with Chuck Woodbury of RVBookstore and other RV related websites and newsletters. Following our meeting at the Redmond rally, we began kicking ideas around about how we could work together on some projects. Originally, one of the reasons I was coming up here was to help with the opening of a bricks-and-mortar version of the bookstore. Since then, Chuck's decided to postpone that indefinitely now in favor of going down some other avenues that look even more promising. Being here has opened up more opportunities for me to make my living in this more fun RVing world instead of lawyer land.

Besides continuing to write articles for RVTravel, doing more for FulltimeRVer and NewRVer, I'm editing a cool links page, RV-Links.com and putting together a newsletter that goes out twice a month with new featured links. Since Chuck's redesigning his sites to allow outside advertising, I'm able to sell ads as well. So it's been a lot of new stuff for me and it's really been quite a sharp learning curve, but a whole lot of fun, too. Everyone at the office has been so great and so generous in helping me in every way. It's been such a blast that I know I'll miss being part of the office banter every day, but on the other hand, I'm really looking forward to hitting the road again. It will be the first time I'll actually be doing what I've dreamed of for so long - traveling and making money at it wherever I am. Oh, and my checklist ebook for RVers is almost complete, so it's all looking real good.

I'll be picking up my mom at the Portland airport on September 20. Our first stop will be a get-together in Roseburg, OR of the Open Roads Singles and I'm so looking forward to that. Then I want to see my mom gasp at the beauty of Crater Lake. After that, it will be heading down the Oregon/California Coast with lots of stops for hugging redwoods and sequoias all along the way. I'm thinking by Dec. we'll be in Yuma, where I'll hang out with some friends until the Quartzsite meeting of the Graduating Class of 2005 and mom heads off to spend Christmas with my brother in Albuquerque.

So that's as far as I'm willing to think in advance. And for now, I'm enjoying my stay in Edmonds:

It's really such a cute little Washington town. This is a view looking down at Main Street where it ends at the ferry landing. The street corners are all adorned with colorful flowers and I really appreciate that effort.
The landing is within walking distance of Chuck's office, and I like to walk down there and watch the ferries take off and come in from Kingston.
Sometimes in the morning it's all fogged in, but it burns off by the afternoon, and the weather here has really been perfect.
On my first weekend here, I got to meet up again with one of my fulltimer friends, Laurie, and we caught up with each other's lives while on the ferry from Mukilteo to Whidbey Island. What a great way to visit!
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