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Medford, OR
March 11, 2005
Sharing Spring!

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I heard on the weather report today that it was possible Medford would meet or exceed its record high of 78 for this time of year. Then my neighbor came by and said he heard the plum trees were flowering like crazy. That was all I needed to get me outside. When I got back, I just HAD to share spring with my friends, especially those who are still snowed in up in the northeast. Have faith - spring is coming to you, too!

The ornamental plum trees here remind me of the redbuds of Texas - what a feast for the eyes!

You can't tell in this picture, but there is snow on the mountains in the background adding a great contrast.

The plum tree framed by the ornamental pears was especially decorative.
As I passed by one of the pear trees, this sweet bird called out to me, so I took his picture. Here he kinda looks like part of the branch, but his song was so welcoming as we shared the joy of this blooming day.
Pink was not the only color showing off - this yellow bush looked almost electric as it glowed in the sunshine!
Well, my friends, that's all I have time for as I have a yoga class soon. I just could not keep all this beauty to myself - I am so full of joy and hope brought on by all this crazy blooming activity I could burst myself! The icing on the cake was seeing yet another red-tailed hawk fly by when I was in the park. It cracked me up as this sighting is becoming an almost everyday event in my life, even in the strangest places, so I burst out laughing. An elderly couple passing by just smiled, but I could tell they understood. They inspired me with their sweet smiles and the fact that they were holding hands. Spring has sprung and love can last - what a glorious day!
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