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December 31, 2004

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Happy New Year, Y'all!

I've been taking an online class on Dreamweaver, the webpage design software. Doing my updates this way will allow me to play with what I'm learning. It's been slow going and like learning a new language, but I am having fun playing with rollovers and flash text as used on the balloons to the left. I've certainly got a long way to go, but I'm enjoying the journey.

I'm loving being in Ashland so far and I have barely even begun to explore. Just not waking to rain on the roof every morning has been blessing enough. I actually think I've had better weather here than my southern friends and family. On Christmas day, I heard from those in Austin, Galveston and New Orleans, and they all experienced some unusual snow over the holidays, when it was clear as a bell here in Ashland. However, I woke up day before yesterday to a gentle dusting of snow falling that was quite lovely, but it was all melted before noon. It did leave a white blanket over the surrounding mountains, though, and I've really enjoyed seeing that as I drive around.


Today was a perfectly glorious clear day, so I decided to hike around Lithia Park, which is one of the best things Ashland has going for it, in my opinion. It's one of the reasons I'm glad to be here for so long because it will take a while to explore its 93 acres. The paths begin right by the cute little downtown area and wind along Ashland Creek, with bridges spanning it in several places, each one different and equally beautiful.

The sights and sounds of the stream and the birds made the walk even more enjoyable.
There were several ponds with friendly and hungry ducks and I spent quite a while at this pond just enjoying watching them.
Check out this next guy...I called him Donald Trump Duck, as his hair reminded me of him, but another lady came by and asked if I was making sure "Elvis" got fed, too. I guess this duck by any other name would still look funny!
I understood how the colorful Wood Ducks got their name. They are so vibrantly beautiful as to not seem real.
This ice skating rink is right across the street from the park and I enjoyed watching the beginners just trying to keep their balance as the more experienced glided by making it seem effortless.

Well, I have to say 2004 contained some of the happiest times as well as one of the saddest losses I have ever suffered. Sometimes you don't get over lost dreams, but hopefully I have learned from the past as I continue to have hope for the future.

Tonight I'm going to share some popcorn at the movies with one of my newest friends met here at the RV park. He's also a full-timer just getting over the loss of his love, so we're going to see "Finding Neverland" and see if adding a little fantasy to our lives will help start the new year off right.

I love you all and you have my best wishes for every happiness in this new year just beginning!

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