The Best RV Refrigerator in 2021

When you are out on the open road, whether you are solo or with a group of friends and family, it is important to have the right accommodations and amenities available to you when you need them.

For those that invest in an RV for recreational travel and camping, most buyers want to make sure that, not only is their vehicle up to speed with the best technology and arrangements for travel, but they also want to make sure that the amenities within their RV are top-notch.

One of the most important amenities found in many modern RV’s is an RV refrigerator. Just like your residential fridge, an RV fridge will house all of your perishable food items and keep them cool and safe to consume throughout your trip. However, it is extremely important to purchase a fridge that is designed for use in an RV. Regular fridges will not work, and we will explain why at the end of this article.

There are several different kinds of RV refrigerators to choose from ranging from mini models – perfect for one or two campers – to full capacity, double door refrigerators for the entire family.

In this article, we will be reviewing a list of several different types of RV refrigerators of all different makes, models, and sizes to help you determine which model will be the best choice for you and your camping needs.

We have made sure to include refrigerator options to fit a variety of budget types so that everyone can find exactly what they are looking for all in one place.

Below, our in-depth buyer’s guide will help you determine exactly what you need to look for in a new RV refrigerator, helping take the guesswork out of the entire buying process for you.

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What Should I Look For When Buying an RV Refrigerator?

As with any major purchase, it is important to determine what exactly you will need from your RV refrigerator before going out to purchase one, because this will determine the type and size of refrigerator you will need.

What makes an RV refrigerator perfect is not the price or the size. Its perfection is determined by how well it works and functions for its owner’s needs.

Here, we have made a comprehensive list of the most important things to consider before purchasing a new RV refrigerator. There is no single right choice for any of these criteria. They must all be based upon your specific RV and your refrigeration needs.


Probably the most important aspect of choosing the best RV fridge has to do with determining which size fridge will work best for your RV. RV refrigerators come in a variety of different sizes ranging from small, portable options, to large, family-sized fridges.

Before choosing which size would be the best choice for you, you must take exact measurements of the space in your RV that will house your new refrigerator. Once you have the measurements of the space, you will be able to narrow your search to a set of fridges that are available in the exact size you need.

You don’t need to perfectly fill your refrigerator space complete with a refrigerator either. Some owners prefer getting a smaller fridge and then having additional space on the top or sides for storage. This is completely up to you and your preferences.

To make the buying and installation process the easiest it can be, measure the space exactly so that there is no risk of purchasing an oversized fridge that is too large for the allotted space.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of a refrigerator refers to the inside depth of the fridge and how much produce and food it can house at a given time. All refrigerators are designed differently, some with additional shelves and door slots to place condiments, etc.

While you may not need all of the storage capabilities that your residential refrigerator has, it is always nice to have a variety of storage options especially when you are out on the road for an extended period.

Again, this criterion is determined by the size of the refrigerator slot in your RV. If you purchase a fridge that is too deep for the slot, your fridge will jut out into the space of your RV and cause basic traffic disruption. So both safety and convenience need to be considered when you purchase a fridge that will fit snuggly in the slot designed for it.

Another factor to consider when it comes to storage capacity is the portability of your refrigerator. Some owners prefer a portable fridge that they can take with them and move to a different RV when that time comes. Having a refrigerator that is especially deep with a lot of storage capacity will make transporting it very difficult.

Energy Source

There are several different ways to power your RV refrigerator. Some of the main power sources include a battery, solar power, propane, or electricity.

Each of these power supplies has its pros and cons and, in this article, we will feature several different refrigerator choices with a variety of energy sources.

The main point to consider when choosing an RV refrigerator is to make sure that you are purchasing a fridge with an energy source that is compatible with your RV. Not all RVs can take all the different energy sources, so make sure to confirm which one works best with your RV before making your refrigerator purchase.


Obviously not all RV refrigerators are the same. They come in all different sizes and contain a wide variety of different features. Determining which features are essential for you and your RV experience will help you narrow down your search for the perfect one.

RV refrigerators range from your basic refrigerator with about four or five shelves for food storage to state-of-the-art, luxury fridge and freezer combos. Most of the deluxe models include interior light, an ice maker, inside door storage, advanced technology, and much more.

When you can determine which level of features you would like to see in your new RV refrigerator, you will be able to drastically cut down on your overall search time and you will be able to determine, quite closely, what your fridge’s price tag might be. Because, as you may have guessed, the more features a fridge includes, the more expensive it is going to be.

Installation Process

Just as with your residential fridge, the installation process for your RV fridge can be quite daunting. It is often recommended that you have your dealer install your new fridge. This may or may not come at an extra cost to you, but in many ways, it is worth it in the long run.

When you have the dealer install your refrigerator, you do not have to worry about the transportation of the refrigerator, and you can be assured that the installation process is done correctly and safely. The process will deal firsthand with electricity and gas which can quickly become dangerous if not handled properly.

If anything doesn’t work properly after the installation, you can always call your dealer, and a contractor will come out to take a look at it (usually at no additional cost), if you inquire within a suitable amount of time from the date of installation.

Overall, professional installation is recommended unless you have direct experience with refrigerator and other appliance installation.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best RV Refrigerator

The best RV refrigerator is the make and model that works best for your camping style and needs. There is no single, best RV refrigerator. Rather, there are several great options that will work well for a variety of different campers.

Here we have used our buyer’s guide (as presented above) and researched several different brands, sizes, and types of RV fridges to compile a comprehensive list of the best RV refrigerators on the market today for all different types of campers and budgets.

After reviewing each of these products closely and paying close attention to their verified customer reviews, we have given each product a title such as “best value” or “best overall” so that you can quickly find the camper refrigerator that will spark your interest and simplify your buying process.

So, without further a due let’s take a look at our #1, “best value” choice below.

#1: Norcold N10DC Compressor RV Refrigerator (Best Value – All-Purpose)

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Norcold is one of the best RV refrigeration companies in the country. They are widely known for their durable construction, energy efficiency, and storage capacity amongst all refrigerator sizes.

The N10DC is a Norcold compressor refrigerator model that measures 10 cubic feet. The single door design of this unit hides hinges and door handles to create a more streamlined and space-saving refrigerator.

Don’t let the small stature of this fridge turn you away, because this fridge has enough storage space to keep food fresh and cool for long road trips and camping adventures. This compact and durable fridge provides you with exactly the space and efficiency you need to have an amazing trip all around.

The N10DC model is a fridge and freezer, combination model. It features two adjustable shelves on the top portion of the unit which makes up the freezer portion. The bottom portion of the refrigerator and features 4 adjustable, glass shelves, two crisper drawers that work to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. Convenient door storage shelves are also included, providing an easy space to store condiments and other smaller items.

This Norcold refrigerator is run through DC power which means that it runs with direct current electricity. This is commonly used for RV appliances, and when your RV is plugged into a power source such as at a campground, you will not need to worry about the power supply. However, when you are on the road and operating on battery reserves to power your appliances, your refrigerator will slowly drain the battery until its next charge. Because of this, it is important to find a refrigerator that is energy efficient so that you can get the most out of it with each battery charge.

Speaking of energy efficiency, the Norcold refrigerator features a night mode system that works to conserve energy and power in your fridge by reducing the fan and compressor speed of the unit throughout the night when the unit is being used significantly less. This will, in turn, protect your battery life and conserve power which is great for campers all around.

Another great feature provided by Norcold is its LED interior lights in both the fridge and freezer. This feature will make you feel right at home as well as make it easy to make selections during both the day and night.

Overall, this refrigerator works great and is a top-of-the-line RV refrigerator. It gives you an ample amount of storage space as well as storage options so that you can easily plan meals and snacks for your entire trip. One complaint that we did see among some reviewers, however, is that the stainless steel door fronts are not as strong as they may look. They are prone to easy denting and scratching which can hinder the overall style and look of your refrigerator.

#2: Dometic Americana Absorption Refrigerator (Best Overall)

Dometic is another top industry brand in the RV refrigerator market, known worldwide for its high-quality manufacturing and intelligent design. Starting in the early 1920s as a personally owned business, two entrepreneurs invented what we all now know as the absorption refrigerator.

Since then this company has made it their mission to produce high-quality, sustainable products for outdoor and off-the-grid living so that all users can feel the comforts of home even while they are out on the road or in nature.

The Dometic Americana embodies the true essence of this company. With excellent energy efficiency and quiet, cooling technology, this fridge will be your strong but silent partner in making all of your outdoor journeys a great success. Dometic is known for making its RV refrigerators run extremely quietly. It is because of this fact, as well as the great construction Dometic put into this fridge and all of their fridges, that we have chosen the Americana to be the best RV refrigerator overall.

So, let’s get into the specs of this absorption refrigerator and learn more about why it has received our vote as one of the best RV refrigerators on the market today.

Reason #1 – Automatic Temperature Control

A unique feature held by the Dometic Americana and several other Dometic fridge models is its built-in automatic temperature control system.

This system ensures that, despite the surrounding temperatures within your RV, your fridge will remain at the steady temperature it is has been set to by automatically identifying shifts in temperature and pressure, then adjusting to accommodate these changes.

When there are extreme changes in temperature and humidity, especially when it relates to extreme heat, our refrigerators, just like our ones at home, must adjust and use more energy to keep the items inside cool.

The Americana will work extra hard to provide for this because RV internal temperature control is often much different than that of a residential home or apartment. This fridge will have to work harder to maintain its cool and crisp temperature and it does it all on its own without needing you the monitor and adjust the temperature accordingly leaving you with peace of mind and the time and energy to enjoy what’s important during your travels.

Reason #2 – Steel Internal Frame

The Dometic is constructed using a full steel frame, which makes this unit more expensive overall, however, it will end up saving you time and money in the long run.

Steel is a material that provides excellent cooling performance which means that your fridge will use less energy to keep the items inside cool and at the appropriate temperature. The steel frame within this RV refrigerator will easily maintain its internal temperature.

Another interesting feature that the Dometic includes is the ability to keep several different types of food at the perfect temperature and crispness. With this fridge, you will never have to worry about wilting lettuce or insufficiently cool beverages again.

Reason #3 – Fridge and Freezer Combo

The Dometic Americana is a fridge and freezer combination unit which means that the lower portion of the unit is the fridge and the upper portion in the freezer. Both parts include excellent interior storage space with several adjustable shelves and door bins to hold a variety of different items.

LED interior lighting is used within both the fridge and freezer, and the entire unit is powered by a combination of automatic electronic ignition and gas.

The freezer and refrigerator door on this unit are reversible doors which means that the hinges can be changed to make the doors swing open either to the left or to the right, whichever way works best for you and the configuration of your RV. This is a very convenient option that can be easily changed when the need arises.

Each refrigerator door also clicks closed and locks for safety during travel. You will not need to worry about the doors swinging open and contents falling out while you are on the move.

The freezer compartment on this unit, as well as the refrigerator, includes high quality, superior grade magnets and seals that will protect your entire unit from the formation of frost which can be stubborn and very difficult to remove. Frost can also hamper the cooling power and internal storage capacity of the unit as a whole.

As an optional add-on, you can also order this RV fridge and freezer combination with an ice maker which provides a convenient and easy way to keep drinks cold. The overall freezer space on this particular unit is also much larger than most RV refrigerators which provides you with more options for food storage and meaning planning.

Overall, the Dometic Americana is an excellent option for anyone looking for a strong, durable, and energy-efficient RV refrigerator. Its price tag is one of the highest amongst our options in this article, however, the fridge will provide you with numerous years of safe food storage and convenience while out on the road.

At 6 cubic feet, it is a bit smaller than our first model, however, this fridge would work great in any size RV. Reviewers have been surprised by just how much storage capacity it has for a small fridge.

#3: Ever Chill 12-Volt RV Refrigerator (Best Double Door Model)

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Standing at 17 cubic feet, the Ever Chill is by far the largest RV refrigerator that we will review in this article. If you have the space for this amazing, double door refrigerator, you will be able to plan countless meals and snacks, while having enough food for the entire family for an extended period which allows you to further enjoy your time on the road without having to plan your trip around grocery store locations.

The Ever Chill most closely resembles a modern residential refrigerator in that its top portion consists of two french style refrigerator doors and a bottom, pull-out freezer drawer.

With LED interior lighting in both the fridge and the freezer, you will be able to easily find what you are looking for without worrying about the light draining power from your unit. LED lights are very energy efficient.

This particular unit runs off of a 12-volt battery which, when connected to a power source at a campground, will continuously charge automatically. When out on the road, this battery is then used to power all of the appliances and other electronics within your RV. It will be able to last for a significant amount of time but will need to be closely monitored between charges.

The Ever Chill features a turbo cooling system that will get your fridge down to the set temperature rapidly after installation and get food cold faster and keep it cold longer. The freezer can maintain its core temperature so that thawing and refreezing do not happen. With internal temperature control, this fridge and freezer combo will keep all of your food and drinks at the optimal temperature for both storage and serving.

Overall, the Ever Chill is a great option for large families out on the road for an extended time. Because of the sheer size of this refrigerator, it is extremely important to make sure that your particular RV can accommodate an RV fridge.

Despite its size, however, users were pleased with how easy this unit is to install which is a major plus when it comes to overall user-friendliness. This fridge does not require ventilation or power inverter and is also is compatible with solar panels that are sold by the same manufacturer.

This RV refrigerator works to provide you with the best, possible experience with its durability, high-quality construction, and longevity. It is a great choice for those with a higher budget to consider.

#4: Dometic CRX50 Compressor Refrigerator (Best Low Cost)

We could include dozens of RV refrigerator options for you from the Dometic. This company has perfected the art of refrigeration on the go. With several different options, including full size, RV refrigerators, mini-fridges, and even portable, refrigerated coolers, Dometic has everything you need for high quality and long-lasting refrigeration when and where you need it.

The CRX50 is another excellent model manufactured by Dometic. This particular unit is considered a mini-fridge which makes it great for smaller RVs or campers. The 3-way RV refrigerator includes three possible user modes which means that it can operate as a full fridge, full freezer, or both at the same time.

The top portion of the fridge includes a removable freezer portion in which you can produce dual temperatures within one unit, making some items refrigerated and others frozen.

As with all Dometic refrigerators, the CRX 50 is very energy efficient. It allows for temperature and compressor speed control so that you can save energy during off times such as during the night or throughout travel so that your fridge will consume less energy.

This compressor refrigerator is also designed with a beveled edge on the back which allows the entire unit to fit in a relatively small space. This feature creates an atmosphere for optimal storage and space utilization.

So, if you are looking for a fridge and freezer combo but don’t need one of the larger and more expensive models to fit your needs, the Dometic CRX50 may be exactly what you need. Don’t let the small size of this fridge fool you as it packs a punch in both power and durability.

#5: Camco Portable Electric Cooler (Best Portable Refrigerator)

Portable refrigerators are somewhat new to the RV refrigeration market, and they can be used in so many different capacities. I like to think of a portable refrigerator as being very similar to your basic, plastic cooler.

Portable refrigerators look very similar to a large cooler or an icebox, however, most of them are equipped with handles on the sides for easy carrying and the ability to fully refrigerate their contents without bags of ice! Say goodbye to those lukewarm sodas and messy, melted ice clean-up. With a portable refrigerator, you can have exactly what you need always at the perfect temperature no matter the surrounding conditions.

Camco is a company widely known for manufacturing high-quality and very user-friendly appliances and other supplies for camping and off-the-grid lifestyles. Their portable camper fridge is no exception. It seems that Camco has thought of everything you would need in a portable refrigerator. Let’s get into the specs of this RV fridge below as well as the top three reasons to choose this product.

Reason #1 – Storage Capacity

The Camco comes in many different sizes, however, this particular one that we are reviewing is the 95-liter option. If you need something smaller or larger, Camco will have this exact refrigerator in the size that you need.

The 95-liter unit comes with two, removable wire racks – one that is smaller and one that is larger and deeper. If filled with solely canned beverages, this fridge could hold up to 123 cans at a time.

Unlike most portable fridges, the Camco can be used as both a fridge and a freezer at the same time with optimal temperature range and control. The LED control panel on the unit allows users to easily switch between refrigeration or freezer mode as well as utilize both modes simultaneously.

ECO or MAX mode can also be used for different purposes. ECO mode will conserve energy by allowing your fridge to cool with the lowest amount of energy usage needed. MAX mode will utilize all of the power of your refrigerator to cool or freeze items extremely quickly. It is convenient to be able to choose between the two modes and adjust them as needed.

Reason #2 – Bluetooth Connectivity

With the Camco, you will be the envy of all of your beach and camping buddies when you automatically control your unit’s temperature from anywhere via your phone. With the Camco’s Bluetooth connectivity, through the app, you can adjust the temperature and power mode of this refrigerator from anywhere. This means that you could get your fridge cooling down even before placing items in it.

The fridge’s adjustable thermostat cools from a range of -4 to 68 degrees Farhenheit providing you with several cooling options for use in either refrigerating or freezing.

This unit is also equipped with LED interior lighting that is automatically activated when the lid of the fridge is opened. This will allow you and your friends to find exactly what they are looking for without having to dig around.

The Camco uses standard 120 volt AC power and 12V DC power outlets to function. These power sources can be found at most campgrounds. The battery can be charged and then used for independent travel.

Reason #3 – User-Friendliness

Unlike some portable fridges that are bulky, heavy, and difficult to transport, the Camco provides users with the optimal level of user-friendliness and portability.

This RV refrigerator makes transportation a breeze with its large rolling wheels and retractable handle. Much like a piece of luggage, you can easily roll your fridge and its contents from place to place without having to manually carry it.

Small, folding carrying handles are also available on either side of the unit for carrying, however, owners have stated that they prefer the rolling wheels and handle because the entire unit is just too wide and bulky to be carried manually.

Overall, the Camco would be a welcome addition to any RV, camper, or day out on the beach. Because of its state-of-the-art technology and convenient features, however, it does come at a pretty steep price. However, there are smaller sizes of the Camco – the entire line ranges from units as small as 20 liters and works its way up. So, if you do not need the storage capacity of a 95-liter unit you can easily find a smaller option with a much smaller price tag.

Budget Options

As you can see from our research so far, the market for RV refrigerators is wide. There is truly a model, a size, and a price option for everyone. Most of our options stated above are quite expensive and made specifically for larger RVs.

However, there are many other, smaller, and less expensive options available on the market. Here we will review three different budget-friendly options. It is important to note, however, that all of these units are considered mini-fridges and are not like the full-size RV refrigerators we have reviewed above.

#1 Whynter 45 Quart Portable Freezer/Refrigerator

The Whynter 45 quart portable refrigerator is a fast freezing fridge with the ability to cool down to -6 degrees Fahrenheit in just a matter of minutes. This particular unit can operate as either a fridge or freezer, however, it cannot function as both simultaneously like some of the other options shown above.

This camper refrigerator is a compressor refrigerator, and its power source comes from the dual voltage which includes both DC power and AC power.

Inside the fridge, you will find two removable wire baskets for organizing items. The entire unit as a whole can hold up to 45 quarts, and it weighs 45 pounds when empty. This is important to factor in with this refrigerator unit. Even though it is portable, this fridge, in particular, is quite heavy to begin with and will become even heavier when filled with food and drinks. Even though there are two metal handles on each side of the unit, many customers shared that they are not comfortable and easy to handle.

If you were to choose this refrigeration unit, it might be in your best interest to make sure that you have a cart of some sort, if you are going to be transporting this unit from place to place.

While it is a bit bigger than our “best portable refrigerator” option shown above, it will not provide the same kind of user-friendliness as the Camco.

#2 Smeta Propane Refrigerator

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The Smeta is a 3-way, LPG mini fridge that is great for all kinds of travelers, from campers and RV users to truck drivers. This refrigerator can run either on liquid propane gas or electricity and is known for being especially quiet while in use.

The Smeta refrigerator is very energy efficient. It is designed to consume as little energy as possible when it is running while still performing at an optimal level. It also uses zero freon which means it creates less pollution than older models.

The advanced absorption cooling system will ensure that all of your food and beverages remain cooled to perfection without the build-up of frost and condensation. It efficiently controls humidity and balances temperature accordingly.

The interior includes three storage shelves as well as beverage holders located in the refrigerator door.

Temperature control and all other controls of the refrigerator are done through the moveable dials on the top of the unit. This fridge does not utilize digital controls, so if this is a feature that is important to you, a different type of fridge may be best for you.

Overall, the Smeta propane refrigerator is an excellent mini-fridge that will provide you with exactly what you need to have a wonderful time on the open road. Its user-friendliness and durability will provide many years of high-quality service and enjoyment for all.

#3 BougeRV Car Refrigerator

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BougeRV is a reputable company that stands behind its well-known brand of portable travel appliances and accessories. With each of their products designed to be environmentally sustainable, you can also feel good about your purchase and your use of it.

The BougeRV portable refrigerator comes in two different sizes including a 42- or a 53-quart version. Today we will be reviewing the 53-quart version. Both options are sold for a great price that even includes a 2-year warranty on the compressor and accessories for the fridge.

This unit can be used as either a fridge or a freezer and includes a temperature range of -4 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to note that this particular model cannot function as both a fridge and freezer simultaneously, so if that is a feature that is important to you, keep this in mind when considering the BougeRV fridge.

Eco-friendliness is a must for all of BougeRV’s products including their portable RV refrigerator. This unit runs sustainably, even while it is operating in MAX mode. The entire unit is designed to provide the utmost eco-efficiency and sustainability which is something you can feel great about.

The BougeRV fridge is the best RV refrigerator for those spontaneous trips that aren’t necessarily planned. This unit can cool to 32 degrees in just 16 minutes, which means you can easily pack in your supplies, turn the unit on, and hit the road with no prior planning!

Operated by 12 or 24 volt DC power through almost all vehicle batteries, this fridge also comes with a 3 level battery monitor which protects your vehicle battery from being depleted. This unit can also be paired with BougeRV solar panels for optimal energy efficiency.

Can I Replace My RV Refrigerator with a Standard Refrigerator?

You can replace your RV refrigerator with a standard, residential refrigerator, however, there are several very important things to factor in before you do so. Before making this switch in your RV, make sure that you thoroughly research how to do so safely and effectively. We will review the process here.

First, it is important to understand that RV refrigerators are specially designed to function and run well while on the go. An RV refrigerator and a residential fridge are each designed differently and serve different purposes. When you swap an RV fridge for a standard fridge, you will be losing some of the technical design features that make an RV fridge so great for travel.

Throughout the travel process, items inside fridges and the fridges themselves are prone to shifting. An RV fridge is designed to easily handle these changes by having door locks installed and other stabilizing devices. Standard fridges, on the other hand, are designed to stay in one place for almost the entirety of their life. It will operate much differently when out on the road.

RV refrigerators are also often much more energy-efficient than standard fridges because they are designed to be used in a power-conserving environment. If you use a standard fridge in your RV, you may find that much more power is used, and your ability to be out on the road for longer periods will be diminished. Standard fridges do not travel well and will require a direct power connection for optimal use.

When using a standard fridge inside of an RV, you will need to make sure that you have access to a 110-volt power plug. Most RVs are not equipped with this, making the installation and usage of a regular fridge inside of an RV inconvenient. Standard fridges also cannot be used with several power sources as RV fridges can. Unlike RV fridges, standard fridges are unable to be powered through propane or DC battery power, making refrigeration on the go a definite challenge.

If you can house a standard fridge within your RV and do not need to use it very much while you are on the move, a standard fridge for campground life does come with some great perks.

First of all, standard fridges are usually much larger and deeper than RV fridges, meaning you can fit a significantly larger number of items in your standard fridge. Standard fridges, when connected directly to an appropriate power source, are also able to provide a more even temperature. However, when you are out on the road, this can be difficult to achieve.

Overall, research and firsthand user experience recommend the use of an RV refrigerator for RV trips. A standard fridge just is not designed to function at the particular level of energy efficiency and travel accommodations that an RV fridge can. While it is possible to use a standard fridge within an RV, it is not recommended, and it can be difficult to install. Your best bet would be to stick with one of the options mentioned in our article to provide you with the best overall, RV experience.

Verdict: Your Best RV Refrigerator 

After carefully reviewing and researching several different types of RV refrigerators at many different price points, we hope that this article was able to provide you with a great place to start in your shopping journey towards the best RV refrigerator for you and your specific needs.

Here we will review our findings so that you can quickly see the best in each option and choose accordingly.

If you want the best value for your money, pick the Norcold N10DC. At 10 cubic feet and with 4 adjustable, glass fridge shelves and two freezer shelves, you will feel just like you are at home on the open road with this fridge. The best part is that you won’t have to spend a fortune to get a great, high-quality RV refrigerator.

If you need a double-door RV refrigerator, pick the Ever Chill. This stainless steel refrigerator comes with all of the modern amenities that a standard fridge has, and it is designed to fit life on the road very well. The Turbo cool technology included in this unit will get food and beverages cold in no time and keep them that way throughout the entire duration of your trip.

If you want to keep the spend under $500, pick any of our best budget options shown above. Each of these options comes with unique features and traits that make them stand apart from the crowd, and they come in a more comfortable price range. There is something for everyone in this market, and we hope that we could help you find it.

The best RV refrigerators are out there waiting for you. The hardest part is finding the one that is the best for you. With this article, you have everything you need to begin your buying journey equipped with important industry knowledge and background information to help you make the most informed decision. Purchases like an RV refrigerator are an investment, and you want to make sure that you are getting the best for your hard-earned dollar. With this article as your tool, you will be able to easily search the market and find exactly what you need.

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