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Bar Harbor, Maine
July 23 - Aug. 1, 2001

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Bar Harbor is a quaint and lovely seaside town. It was extremely slow going getting here on Route 2 due to numerous road construction stops, but it was hard to complain with such beautiful scenery to look at. Driving through Vermont, the aptly named "Green Mountain State", we stopped at local farmer's stands along the way and cooked the fresh, locally grown veggies for dinner at night - what a treat!
We meandered around some small town fairs along the way and enjoyed talking to the local people, who could easily determine we were "foreigners" after the first word out of our mouths. I asked them to explain how they could effectively communicate without using the word "ya'll" but I never got a satisfactory answer.
We spent a day exploring the Acadia National Park with a stop at Cadillac Mountain, the site where the sun first rises in the United States. We haven't yet felt the incentive to get up early enough to experience this "first" so decided to just take their word for it.

A special treat was having a traditional tea party on the lawn at Jordan Pond - popovers, brie, fresh fruit and tea in the afternoon after major sightseeing was the perfect topping to a perfect day.

Don particulary enjoyed the handfed grapes!

I've always enjoyed being able to be spontaneous and do things on the spur of the moment. I still prefer that, but one of the down-sides is that you don't always get to do what you want to do when you want to do it. Since we've been in the Bar Harbor area, we've talked about taking the ferry to Nova Scotia. By the time we got around to calling, they were booked up. So we consoled ourselves with Plan B: we'd take the 3 hour cruise for whale watching and puffin peaking. Lesson learned: spontaneity may be fun, but during tourist season in Maine, reservations are necessary for doing touristy things.

However, one of the benefits of this life is that you can always change your plans and stay longer or leave whenever you want. So we'll extend our stay by one day, and then head to Bangor to still make it in time for the State Fair on Saturday.

God, I love this life!

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