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I have never laughed so hard in my life than when I was traveling beside this man, the angel who introduced me to fulltime RVing. He had the zaniest sense of humor and a way of making me laugh so hard I could barely stand up. There were times as we quipped back and forth on the CB that I'd have to pull over because I was laughing so hard I was crying! He was my biggest supporter and best blessing when I started fulltiming.

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Don had his own very special difficulties in communication sometimes. When he asked a lady if she could direct him to a "washateria" she looked at him very puzzled and said "a what?" He repeated himself and he could tell she was trying to be helpful, but had no clue what he was talking about. He resorted to slowly enunciating the word (waash-a-teer-ee-ah), but still got the dumbfounded look. He finally said "the place where you wash your clothes." The light dawned and she exclaimed, "Oh, you mean the laun-dro-mat!" and then proceeded to give directions. To her credit, she didn't laugh until he was out of the office.
Take me to your washateria, grasshopper!
When he was at the gas station, Don thought the man asked him if he had his "cod." Since he was not at the fish "maahket", he wondered if they were giving away free fish with gas or something. (That would not be out of the realm of possibility here in Maine.) He finally understood that the man was asking for his credit "card."
The last time we fell all over ourselves laughing at a mispronunciation, it was Don's own special breed. We were in an aromatherapy store in Freeport and I asked him to read a bottle's label to me since I didn't have my glasses. He started reading the ingredients, and then got to the most important one -- which he pronounced "pot-pour-ee." I almost choked laughing while asking if that was a version of "potpourri". We got a good case of the giggles at that point and couldn't stop. We then saw a big display sign for the new line of "Harbor Mist" products. While walking over, I wondered aloud what Harbor Mist smelled like. Don theorized that it probably smelled a little like seagull shit. We had to leave the store at that point because we were afraid we'd be kicked out for excessive raucous laughter. A man we passed at the door asked for a sample of what we were smoking.
What does Harbor Mist smell like?
Watch out below & I'll show ya!
Another "Don-ism" had me rolling in the aisles of Bed, Bath & Beyond. We were passing the kitchen supplies and I was walking ahead of him. I heard him say "Look at that - a spoon rest - I've never heard of a spoon rest before." I just let that pass when he then said "What about the forks and knives? Them babies have been around a while and get mighty tired, too." Now, him worrying about those poor neglected knives and forks and wondering why they didn't have their own "rests" just tickled me to death and again, I'm sitting here tears of laughter rolling down my face just thinking about how he said it - a case of "you had to be there" I guess, and I'm glad I was even if I can't possibly explain what was so hilarious about that to me.
Hey, a fork has feelings, too, you know???
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