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July 21 - Oct. 8, 2001

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We spent 3 months at Wild Duck Campground in Scarborough - a great place near Portland. My favorite feature was the duck pond. They got so used to us coming down to feed them, they jumped and begged for food like dogs. The owner and I laughed about how they each have their own little personalities and she said that one in particular actually comes pecking at the door every spring with her ducklings, letting her know they’re home for the summer and looking for a handout. She said she spends the summers fattening up the ducks, and then the hunters come and start shooting them in the fall. There’s a duck blind very close by, and hunting season starts on Oct. 2nd. So on October 1st, she goes out & shoots their shotgun up in the air, which signals the ducks to fly off for the season. I’m glad I’ll be leaving about the same time as my friends.
Leaping Ducks??!!!

July 23, 2001

Ferry ride from Bar Harbor to Swan's Island - a great day of sun and sea!

August 13, 2001

We took our bikes on the ferry to nearby Peaks Island and rode the 10 mile round trip enjoying the ocean vistas and visiting an old fort there used in WWII.

They also had some artifacts from the Civil War and for a New Orleans girl, it was pretty interesting. I’ve always heard the tales of those battles from the southern perspective and have visited the museums there where the whole thing is portrayed as a tragedy visited upon us from those horrible Yankees. This is the first time I’ve been in the heart of Yankee country where the people think the right side won.
Speaking of the Civil War, for some reason I was surprised to find beautiful plantation style homes up here, also. This picture was taken in the gardens of one of them.
Heading south for some Leaf Peeping
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