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Prout's Neck Trek
September 19, 2001

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This weekend we walked along the Cliff Walk at Prout's Neck. Don't ask me what a Prout is, but its neck was great!

The walk winds around the cliffs offering breathtaking views of crashing ocean waves. What was really fascinating to me were the massive rock formations. They contained vast amounts of quartz and some shone like sparking diamonds in the sun - others were shimmering with green, pink and silver streaks.

I kept stopping all along the way, pointing them out to Don with squeals of delight. This, of course, made our trek take longer than it should have, but I told him those rocks just kept calling out to me to stop and take a closer look.
Is that crazy lady really talking to rocks???
You look maahvalous for your age, dahling!
I explained that they'd been there for thousands of years just waiting for someone to come along and appreciate them. It's one thing to stop and smell the roses, but when you stop and converse with rocks, people tend to give you wide berth on the path. Oh, well, anyone who doesn't talk to rocks or hug trees I don't understand anyway...
Another wicked good neck: Wolf's Neck
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