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Wolf's Neck Wicked Good Weekend
September 24, 2001

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This weekend we took a long walk through Wolf's Neck State Park. There were great paths winding through thick hemlock trees with glimpses of Casco Bay peaking through every now and then.
It was a totally different feel and vista from last weekend's jaunt to Prout's Neck. I still don't know what a Prout is and I couldn't tell you which neck I prefer - they were both quite beautiful in their own way.
The rocks were also multi-colored by the bay and I enjoyed conversing with them, also.

The weather was absolutely perfect (in the 70's) and I keep being told that it must be my staying here that is keeping the "warm" weather longer than usual. Everyone's gearing up for winter now, but are happy to have summer extended by another week or so. I sure am looking forward to hitting the road and seeing the colored trees as we head south.

Since we had to go through Freeport, I couldn't pass up stopping again at the L.L. Bean store. That's become my favorite store here and I just had to get one of their signature caps. I've always liked their catalogs, but stuff was way too expensive. Here they have "factory" stores with deeply discounted prices on returned items, seconds, etc. I've gotten the best hiking and walking shoes, a cool windbreaker, etc. I look like a real Mainiac now - I'm sure I'd have a better chance of passing for one if only I could quit saying "ya'll." I do sometimes manage to get two words out of my mouth before people say "you aren't from around here, are you?"

When we saw this sign off the highway, I made Don turn around so I could add myself to the list of "Wicked Good" things in Maine!
Checkbook says: Time to Work in Downtown Portland
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