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Working in Portland, Maine
Aug. 14 - Oct. 5, 2001

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Portland was the first place I stopped to replenish funds so that I can continue my travel habit. The buildings downtown are mostly historic and of interesting architecture. The building I work in is on Monument Square and it's a very cool little area. The Boardwalk is filled with neat shops and on Wednesdays they hold a farmer's market on the street. I really enjoy having lunch outdoors at one of the sidewalk cafes and shopping for fresh veggies for dinner.
My first work experience was a very positive one. I worked the entire time at a great law firm, Pierce Atwood. Everyone there was incredibly friendly and supportive of what I am doing.
It was always such fun returning from lunch and laughing with Beth and Terry about what I bought at L.L. Bean that day!
The Pierce Atwood Building
on Monument Square

On my last day there, though, they completely blew me away! At about 3:00 Terry asked me to help her and led me to one of the conference rooms. When I walked in, there sat most of the 8th floor people with all kinds of goodies on the table and even going- away presents for me! I had already broken into tears a couple of times earlier in the day at the kind words and sincerity of the people who said they would miss me, and at that point REALLY wished I had worn waterproof mascara! I joked that they would do anything to have an excuse to get away from their desks and have cake, but I've never in my life heard of giving a going away party to a temp who had worked less than 2 months and I absolutely could not believe it!

Linda had baked my favorite lemon dessert and Terry made real homemade strawberry jam and gifted me with other Maine goodies. Janet made fudge and there was wicked good stuff and tears all over! They gave me a CD by a local group named "Clam Jam - The Wicked Good Band." It's hilarious good fun music and comedy by one of the regulars who play at the annual Yarmouth Clam Festival. That's big time headlining here, ayuh! We had a blast listening to it on the way home tonight and it's a great present that will help me remember how funny these people talk up heyuh.

Well, it was a great sad and happy day. It was like your high school dream come true and you're suddenly one of the popular girls, and you understand how Sally Field felt at the Oscars when she exclaimed "you like me, you really like me!" Thank God I didn't make that much of a jackass out of myself.

Lots of people told me I was doing what they secretly wanted to do. I'm here to testify that anything and everything is possible - no matter how sane, no matter how crazy. Despite what we DON'T have and no matter what excuses we can come up with to keep us from following our hearts and pursuing our dreams - what we all DO have is a spirit that can flow forth and show up like those people showed up for me today. I am so blessed...
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